Helping the community during the pandemic

As the COVID-19 virus impacts all of us in one way or another, Schneider's is especially mindful that people will continue to need their vehicles serviced and/or repaired. Many of our loyal customers have been impacted by Covid-19. Whether you have an increased risk due to age, underlying health conditions, or merely a family working from home with your children - we understand the need for a little assistance. Beginning today, Schneider's Automotive Repair is offering FREE pick-up & return of your vehicle from home. We will come pick-up your vehicle, take it to the shop, perform the service or repair & return your vehicle home when finished. We recognize the trust you place in us when you bring your vehicle to our shop and now we'd like to make things easier for our customers by arranging pick-up & delivery service. Also, for those customers who are over the age of 65 or are hindered from leaving home due to existing health concerns, children etc., we'd like to offer our services, to pick up a prescription, deliver groceries or take your package to the post office, etc. If we can make things a bit easier during this time of concern, it is our pleasure to help our family & friends in the community.

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