30k Service

Because auto care isn’t always a top priority for car owners they may not realize they are doing things that adversely affect the performance, safety and value of their car, advises Rick White, executive director of Car Care Council.  In addition to regularly scheduled factory suggested oil changes, there are also services that should be scheduled based on the mileage of the vehicle.

This 30k service allows our expert, certified technicians the opportunity to perform an in-depth inspection of your vehicle and follow a list of inspections as outlined by the manufacturer for both review and testing as well as replacement of parts that ensure a longer vehicle on the road.  The 30k service includes a scheduled inspection of all hoses and connections, belts, transmission fluids & lubricants, a complete inspection of all brakes & associated components, replacement of air filters, spark plugs, combined with a coolant and fuel system flush and oil service.   Please contact Schneider’s to schedule your 30,000-mile service.