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Brakes are perhaps the most important safety component of your automobile. From slowly coming to a stop or braking to avoid a sudden collision on the 118 freeway, you trust that your brakes will function in any situation. Maintaining your brakes and performing early brake repairs will not only ensure safe and confident stops, but also help to save you time and money on expensive repairs associated with malfunctioning brakes.

Why Choose Schneider’s Brake Repair
Safety is a priority for us at Schneider’s Auto Repair. We don’t want you to experience a brake failure situation while driving. That is why our brake repairs are performed with great care.

Maybe you drive an automobile with older drum brakes or a new automobile with disc brakes. With extensive experience and thorough knowledge, our ASE-Certified Technicians are capable of performing repairs on most types of brakes and brake technology (ABS, cross-drilled, etc.).

Brake repairs always start out with a comprehensive and honest inspection. Our extensive list of brake repairs include: disc brake pad replacement, disc brake replacement, brake line replacement, drum brake shoe replacement, brake fluid flush, and more. For the most dependable brakes, we only use quality original manufacturer and trusted brake replacement parts.

Brake Repairs include:

  • Genuine OEM replacement brake parts or high-quality aftermarket parts
  • 2-Year/24,000-Mile Warranty (all mechanical and electronic repairs)

We Truly Care About Our Customers
At Schneider’s Auto Repair, you will always be treated with great care. Anytime during your repair, we make sure everything is clear and that there are no surprises. In addition, we offer a number of conveniences for a pleasant repair experience.


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