Our History

More than 100 years under the hood.


Coach Building, Cars, and a Cross Country Odyssey

Although we started the California portion of our automotive repair odyssey in Santa Monica 47 years ago, our roots in the industry go back more than a century. Here’s how we found our way to Simi Valley:

Early 20th Century
about_1The first Schneiders involved in the transportation industry were carriage and coachbuilders who emigrated to the United States at the turn of the 20th century and suddenly found themselves ‘garaging’ and ‘servicing’ the ‘horseless carriages’ that began to fill the streets of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. My father grew up in those garages with his grandfather and father and in his uncle’s service station in Seagate, a gated community near Coney Island.

Starting The Business
After serving in the Coastal Artillery and Army Air Corps during World War II as a mechanic and crew chief, my father returned to Brooklyn, where he opened his first service station. Six years later, after being trapped at work for five days during “The Blizzard of 1962,” we became “the Schneider family, formerly of Oceanside, N.Y.”about_2about_3

California Here We Come
We left Oceanside on August 11, arrived in Los Angeles on August 15, and never looked back. Nearly four years later, we opened a three-bay Richfield Service Station at the Cloverfield Boulevard and 26th Street off ramp of the Santa Monica Freeway. That service station was my home and the birthplace of my career as a mechanic, technician and the fourth generation of Schneiders to be involved in automotive service, maintenance and repair. I learned my craft by watching my father, the ultimate Zen Master, who never answered a question directly. Questions were answered with questions and discovery became a way of learning and of life. After 14 years in Santa Monica, a client of ours helped us purchase our current facility in Simi Valley, and we have been here for more than 37 years.

– Mitch Schneider, former Owner of Schendier’s Auto Repair